This is a painting of a model I painted with other artists, mostly illustrators from the St.Louis area during the 1980’s. This 16″ x 20 ” oil on canvas painting is for sale for $85 plus shipping. If interested contact me at


I painted this oil on paper painting of a model, in the 1980’s, at a painting session with other artists, mostly illustrators. This 17″ wide x 18″ high painting is for sale for $50 plus shipping.





This painting from life was painted in 1989.It was painted in oil on canvas.It is 16″wide x 19.5″ high. I am selling this painting for $80.00, plus shipping. Contact me at



detail of oil painting of model with ear rings


This portrait of a man named Fritz was painted during the early 1990’s during a painting session at the St.Louis Artist Guild. This was painted from life during about a three hour period and finished in my studio using a photo I took of Fritz.           John Dyess


This is a detail from the painting of Fritz.


Yesterday,I showed my illustrations students, paintings from life ,that I have created while attending painting groups, in the St.Louis region. I teach these students at St.Louis Community College at Meramec.I will share these paintings ,that I showed my students yesterday and paintings I show them in the future. This painting is oil on Plyex canvas board and is 13.5″x13.5″ These paintings are for sale.  This one is $300.00 plus shipping cost.        John Dyess


This is a detail of the painting.





Last night I painted a model named Stephanie  with a group of artists at Webster Groves Christian Church which is near St. Louis Missouri. I spent about an hour painting from life an about an hour, painting in our home studio ,from a photograph I took of Stephanie . I used tempera paint on canvas.


Paraiba Catfish Illustration for the National geographic Museum’s Monsterfish exhibit in 2015

My illustration of the Paraiba Catfish plus four additional illustrations I have created for clients will be on display at the Manchester Arts Courtroom Gallery located in the Manchester Police facility. There will be eight other illustrators and graphic designers showing their art. The opening is Friday September 16,6-8 p.m. The address is 2nd floor 200 Highlands Blvd. Dr.,Manchester MO 63011 which is near the intersection of Highway 141 and Manchester Road. I hope to see you at the opening.
John Dyess


Flags that have Dog Tags attached, each flag represent an American that died serving in the military of the United States.

My wife and I visited the St.Louis Art Museum this week to view the show titled “Self taught Geniuses” and outside we noticed flags on Art Hill that represent “fallen heroes” that served in the US military and that died in recent fighting at various locations around the world.
After seeing the show at the museum we walked around the flag display.
To me, the sound of the dog tags striking the metal flag poles was like listing to music; perhaps sad music,but peaceful. Reading the names on the Dog Tags made me think of the loss for the families and our country. I think about the  many millions, in the world,that have died in wars, during my lifetime, that don’t have flags flying for them.






black ink and color ink on paper drawing by John Foster Dyess.

This drawing is based on a recent photograph that I took of train boxcars parked on a siding ,while I was  driving on Highway 19 in Missouri. The size of this drawing is 16.5″ wide by 8.25″ high.


photo of graffiti painted train boxcars number 1 by John Foster Dyess

Last weekend my family had a reunion at our daughter Christy’s house in Mexico ,Missouri and driving home on highway 19 I saw many graffiti painted train box cars parked on a side track. My wife was driving and she slowed down for me to take photos. One of these might end up as a painting.


graffiti painted boxcars number 2 by John Foster Dyess


graffiti painted boxcar number 3 by John Foster Dyess

When I looked at these photos on my computer I noticed these bright yellow rectangle shapes on some of the train cars. It was sunset and I think these shapes were reflective
tape,or something was sending me a coded message.


graffiti painted boxcars number 4 by John Foster Dyess


Painting titled Welcome to Our Neighborhood by John Dyess

This is one of a series of paintings that are based on photographs I took while visiting New York City in 2008 and 2010. The photograph reference for this painting was one of a series taken in 2008 while walking in Times Square with my wife and a friend. I have added a texture layer to the photo. I created the texture traditionally by painting on a piece of canvas. I scanned the texture background and placed it on a separate layer with the photograph.
I had the digital file printed on canvas wrap and then painted over it with oil paint.


detail of painting


detail of painting