Art + Kids is one of the projects created by sixteen artist participating in the Convergence show in the St.Louis Community College -Meramec Gallery .


Below are two statements by children that were below the worry dolls.

“I’m scared to be alone and that no one looks after me.” – age 8

“I’m scared of shouting,there is lots of shouting at home and my mom’s
always arguing with the neighbors.” – age 9

The gallery located in the Humanities East building room 133
11333 Big Bend Road 63122-5720. The gallery phone is 314 984 7632





Scott Roy was one of the sixteen artist participating in the Convergence show in the St.Louis Community College -Meramec Gallery . He was a student at STLCC for seven years. He was homeless twice during that time. His photo project was created to let others know that the homeless are people too.

The gallery located in the Humanities East building room 133
11333 Big Bend Road 63122-5720. The gallery phone is 314 984 7632

My wife Carolyn and I are part of show called “Convergence” at the art gallery at St.Louis Community College -Meramec. This show had an opening on November 10 and will continue until December 10,2016.
I have taught Illustration and Drawing for Graphics  as an adjunct professor at St.Louis Community College Since 1997.My wife taught Graphic Design for several Years as an adjunct professor. I will be posting images of designs of the sixteen designers participating in this show. Below is a photo I took of the show statement of purpose, and the artists participating.
John Dyess

i-votedI voted yesterday. I live in Eureka, Missouri,and all of the candidates I voted for lost.
There was 61 million dollars of combined spending for the Senate race,which the insider Senator Roy Blunt won,in a year a majority of Missouri voters  voted for Donald Trump, because he was the outsider.
One and a half billion dollars was spent on the presidential race.
That money could have helped a lot of people that are living below the poverty level.
John Dyess


Steve Scherrer February 9, 1960 – November 6,2014.

I only knew Steve for a short time, about five years, but we became friends and shared conversations about art ,family and politics.


pastel drawing of Greer by Steve Scherrer

Steve and I  got to know each other when we started going to a drawing and painting  group at the St.Louis Artists’ Guild, about five years ago. This is a drawing Steve did of a model during one of the drawing and painting sessions. We started a drawing and painting group ,about three years ago, at Webster Groves Christian Church, which continues. I miss the conversations we had while driving to these drawing and painting sessions


“Armistice” by Steve Scherrer

Several Years before he died Steve started creating  a series of sculpture constructions called Curiosities & Consciousness. The Armistice sculpture was in a show, I curated, titled “Ode to Peace” at the Gallery Within Webster Groves Christian Church.


I will have two small paintings at the OA gallery. Many other St.Louis artists will be showing their small art.


mixed media painting of a Smallmouth Bass for sale at OA gallery


Sea Shell squared mixed media painting for sale at OA gallery


This is a painting of a model I painted with other artists, mostly illustrators from the St.Louis area during the 1980’s. This 16″ x 20 ” oil on canvas painting is for sale for $85 plus shipping. If interested contact me at


I painted this oil on paper painting of a model, in the 1980’s, at a painting session with other artists, mostly illustrators. This 17″ wide x 18″ high painting is for sale for $50 plus shipping.





This painting from life was painted in 1989.It was painted in oil on canvas.It is 16″wide x 19.5″ high. I am selling this painting for $80.00, plus shipping. Contact me at



detail of oil painting of model with ear rings


This portrait of a man named Fritz was painted during the early 1990’s during a painting session at the St.Louis Artist Guild. This was painted from life during about a three hour period and finished in my studio using a photo I took of Fritz.           John Dyess


This is a detail from the painting of Fritz.


Yesterday,I showed my illustrations students, paintings from life ,that I have created while attending painting groups, in the St.Louis region. I teach these students at St.Louis Community College at Meramec.I will share these paintings ,that I showed my students yesterday and paintings I show them in the future. This painting is oil on Plyex canvas board and is 13.5″x13.5″ These paintings are for sale.  This one is $300.00 plus shipping cost.        John Dyess


This is a detail of the painting.