black ink and color ink on paper drawing by John Foster Dyess.

This drawing is based on a recent photograph that I took of train boxcars parked on a siding ,while I was  driving on Highway 19 in Missouri. The size of this drawing is 16.5″ wide by 8.25″ high.


photo of graffiti painted train boxcars number 1 by John Foster Dyess

Last weekend my family had a reunion at our daughter Christy’s house in Mexico ,Missouri and driving home on highway 19 I saw many graffiti painted train box cars parked on a side track. My wife was driving and she slowed down for me to take photos. One of these might end up as a painting.


graffiti painted boxcars number 2 by John Foster Dyess


graffiti painted boxcar number 3 by John Foster Dyess

When I looked at these photos on my computer I noticed these bright yellow rectangle shapes on some of the train cars. It was sunset and I think these shapes were reflective
tape,or something was sending me a coded message.


graffiti painted boxcars number 4 by John Foster Dyess


Painting titled Welcome to Our Neighborhood by John Dyess

This is one of a series of paintings that are based on photographs I took while visiting New York City in 2008 and 2010. The photograph reference for this painting was one of a series taken in 2008 while walking in Times Square with my wife and a friend. I have added a texture layer to the photo. I created the texture traditionally by painting on a piece of canvas. I scanned the texture background and placed it on a separate layer with the photograph.
I had the digital file printed on canvas wrap and then painted over it with oil paint.


detail of painting


detail of painting



Photo of Carolyn Dixon and John Dyess on their wedding day August 8,1980



black ink and colored ink on paper drawing by John Foster Dyess

This drawing is based on a photo that I took in 2015 while visiting the city and state of Guanajuato,Mexico. I like the design of of this image and the placement of the broom,mop and bucket in front of the wooden doors of this historic church.


black ink and liquid acrylic drawing by John Dyess

I just finished this drawing today,which is based on a photograph I took while visiting New York City several years ago. This image along with other travel drawings  can be viewed on my website studiodyess.com.


painting of Amy


painting of Amy detail

I continued working on the painting of Amy using photographs I took of her during the painting from life session.View my last post to see the progress I had made painting from life. Below or various stages of the painting while working from the photo reference.


painting progress June 23 2:20 pm


painting progress June 23 3:25 pm


beginning stages of a painting of a model named Amy

This painting was painted from life at a painting session at Webster Groves Christian Church. I took several photos of the model and will continue working on this  using the photos for reference. I used tempera and acrylic paint on canvas board. I painted over an existing painting with various acrylic colors.


five minute drawing of Amy


sketch of Amy


reference photo of Amy



Painting study of model named Stephanie

Today I worked on a tempera painting that I had started of a model several months ago. The model posed at Webster Groves Christian Church where a painting group paints from a model twice a month. I used Tempera paint on a canvas which is 24″ wide x 30 ” high. I may do some additional work on this painting.

Detai of painting

detail of painting

Photo of Stephanie

photo of the model

Ezeakiel B. Dyess age 19 1929

Ezeakiel B. Dyess age 19 photo taken in 1929

Happy fathers day to my father Ezeakiel B. Dyess. He would have been 116 on August 12, this year.
Obit of E.B. Dyess