This portrait of author Rebecca Walker was created for Prentice Hall Literature-Penguin Edition in 2005. This was one of ten illustrations of authors I illustrated. Below is the process I used to create this portrait.

1.I asked the client to send photos of the authors I was asked to paint.

2, I chose a photo to use as reference. I placed the black and white photo of Rebecca Walker into photoshop and chose find edges.I printed this photoshop image and made a 11″x17″ copy of the print on a copy machine.

3.I worked with pen and ink on the 11″x17″ copy .

4. I made a copy of the traditional drawing on a copy machine,mounted it on cardboard and painted the final with liquid acrylic paint using a paint brush and an airbrush.

5. I had a scan made of the final color illustration and fine tuned it on my computer

Rebecca Walker photo provided by client


Digital find edges print

Drawing of Rebecca Walker


Rebecca Walker final portrait



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