1950 T0 1960

Posted: November 3, 2010 in High School art, illustrations by John Dyess, wildlife


First illustration by John Dyess, approximate time 1956

This is the first illustration I created. This is not the first painting or drawing but what I consider an illustration. I did not date my student art so my best guess of date is 1956 and  my age would have been 17. Artists that were an influence at this time were Norman Rockwell,Hal Foster,Alex Raymond and Vincent van Gogh.


  1. Ellen Dixon says:

    John – What is the difference between a painting or drawing and an illustration?

  2. johndyess says:

    Thanks for the question. My definition of an illustration is a painting or drawing that is usually used with a story or article printed in a magazine ,newspaper or in “new media” on the internet. An illustration is used to illuminate a story-“help to clarify or explain a subject”. My definition of a painting is artwork that stands alone and is more of an artist’s personal statement. A drawing for me is usually a preliminary study or sketch created in pencil or ink for a finished painting or illustration. A drawing can also serve as an artist personal statement or to illuminate a story. John

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