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Ron and John Dyess at 9419 LaVerne Ave.

This photo was taken the winter of 1947-48. I’m the one with the BB gun and yes my mother said be careful don’t shoot your eye out.  During this time period there was a limited amount  of houses. GIs were coming home from World War 2 and beginning families. My family had to live in the basement of my aunt and uncle Foster’s house for about 16 months. This was a two bedroom home with one bathroom. They had two teenage daughters and my parents had two sons, so it was  not the best living situation.The house my brother and I are sitting in front of is this house.

History repeats itself often. Today many Americans find themselves in a similar situation.


  1. ron dyess says:

    John, yes, not much fun. The basement was one open space, with the wash machines and coal stoker on one side, so, we had two beds, a kitchen table with four chairs, and maybe a couch. A stove, frig. and I suppose a kitchen sink. We did have an outside door, so at least we did not have to go through the house every time we went somewhere.

    Had to be rough on mom and dad. No privacy.

    Of course, many people had it much worse than we did.


    • Rich Bausback says:

      John, was that a Daisey “Red Ryder” BB gun you are holding? I remember my “Red Ryder”. I still remember my mom’s frustration when I shot out some of the glass Mason jars she had covering her rose seedlings to protect them from the frost.
      Jan also remembers when you all were “one big happy family”.

  2. johndyess says:

    Rich, yes I think it was a “Red Ryder BB gun. This must have been a difficult time for SM and Ollie and also for my parents. I’m sure my parents were grateful to have a place to live.

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