Posted: November 13, 2010 in illustrations by John Dyess, Mark Twain
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Tom, Huck and Joe

When I was about eleven years old I was given the book “The Adventures of Tom Sawyer”  by ,I believe, my Aunt Ollie and Uncle Foster. It was the first book in my collection. I have fond memories of reading this book and can still remember the way it smelled from the ink and paper it was printed on. I grew up in Affton Missouri just a few miles west of the Mississippi River and about a hundred miles south from Hannibal,Missouri.

Many years after I received this book I had the opportunity to illustrate several chapters from “Tom Sawyer” that was printed in a textbook. I have included on this page two versions of a scene from the chapter titled “The Pirate Crew  Set Sail”,that I illustrated and a copy of a similar illustration from the book I was given.

Huck Finn,Tom Sawyer and Joe Harper

The Pirate Crew set Sail

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