James Maritz Senior

Denny McDaniel

The first drawing is a pencil portrait I created of James Maritz Senior while employed by Maritz Motivation Company. It was based on a photo of James Maritz Senior.It appeared on the cover of Maritz Team News on September of 1978.

The second drawing was created for First National Bank of St. Louis sometime in the early 1980s. It is a drawing of Denny McDaniel ,president of Southwest Truck Body.This was used in a series of advertisements featuring costumers of First National Bank. I was given many black and white photos of Mr. McDaniel. The concept and layout was left up to me. The shape of the ad was determined by the client. I incorporated a grid pattern with the profile portrait because Southwest Truck Company designed storage compartments for military trucks. Many St.Louis illustrators worked on this campaign. I created drawings for two ads. The client liked the portrait of James Maritz and wanted this drawing in the same style.

  1. Glenn Myers says:

    John, the scary thing is that you can probably do all these illustrative styles blindfolded.

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