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Adele M. Dyess

This post is for my family and for those that knew my mother. My mother was born on January 17,1916 and died June 22,1991. She was married to my father  in August of 1933. She was twenty one when this photo was taken. she wasn’t part of my seeing experience when this photo was taken,however this hand colored photo became part of my visual memory and was an influence on my creative process. This photo was hand tinted over a sepia photo. One of my techniques is to hand color black and white drawings and photo copies. I hope her family will share any memories of Adele Dyess on this blog.

  1. Scott Dyess says:

    Uncle John, you continue to amaze me with your photos and stories. I do enjoy the blog. Wow, what can I say about Grandma. Are there enough words out there to express the wonderful memories that I have about growing up with Grandma and Grandpa Dyess. No, but I will try my best and it may take several posts. It is the Holiday Season, so that is where I will start. Living in Kirkwood allowed my sister, brother and I to spend many weekends in Afton with our Grand Parents. The fall was the best because that was when Grandma would get her holiday catalog in the mail and we would rush to be the first one to get to look at it. I remember the corners of the pages folded back, the circles, check marks and highlights of the wonderful toys that we just had to have. I think that is when I really learned to read magazines from the back to the front because that was where the toys were listed. Who needs to look at appliances, tools, clothing and the unmentionable section of ladies clothing. Just get me to the toys, toys those wonderful toys. But really, the best part of the holidays to me was that we were always with Grandma and Grandpa. Thanksgiving, Turkey Day football and all three Dyess Familys together for dinner. And Christmas. As a kid what can be better. It seems we would always start with Christmas Eve dinner in Afton. The lights in the bushes outside, the tree upstairs, Butch tearing into the wrapped chew toy, and all the cousins getting to open gifts on Christmas Eve. Then without fail we would see Grandma and Grandpa Christmas day. Breakfast one year and lunch the next year but always with us on Christmas. Toys are discarded, break and get lost. But seeing Grandma and Grandpa pull up to the house on Christmas Day is the best present that I ever got because that is one that I will always remeber.

  2. Audrey Lumetta says:

    Dad – I love this picture of Grandma. She was so beautiful! Although I didn’t get to spend as much time with her as the other grandkids, I do still have some fond memories of Grandma Dyess. I remember spending the night at her house and how scared I would be to sleep alone, so she would always let me climb into bed to sleep with her. I remember frequent trips to the park across the street from her house. Grandma had this mirror tray on the dresser of her bedroom where she kept her perfumes and other beauty products. I remember picking up those items and spraying her perfume. I remember sitting in her tiny kitchen and eating yogurt. She always had yogurt on hand in her refrigerator.
    Thanks for posting her picture Dad. I hope others will share their memories of Grandma too.

  3. Carolyn Dyess says:

    One of my favorite memories of Adele was when she and Zeke came to our house to see Audrey just after we brought her home from the hospital. We have a snap shot John took of Adele holding Audrey looking right into her eyes and Audrey looking intently back at her. There was sheer delight on Adele’s face as she peered at her new granddaughter. I think she thought she probably wasn’t going to have any more grandchildren and then along came Audrey!

  4. ron dyess says:

    I have a million memories of mom. I will share one, which for some reason I remember frequently.

    She would make John and I a fried egg sandwich on white bread when we would get hungy in the evening. I do not know why this memory pops up frequently, but it does.

    Mom frequently talked about how young she looked. She seemed to resent the fact that she looked so young. How many women would love to feel like that.

    Mom used to tell me “Don’t hide your candle under the bushel” I have never quite figured that out.

    These are a couple of random thoughts. I need to come up with some more meaningfull memories.

    • Scott Dyess says:

      Dad, Even if you think they are the most ramdom and small, they are memories are still meaningful. So please keep sharing. hugs and kisses.

  5. Lee Ann Dyess says:

    I met Grandma Dyess only a few times, but from the stories Scott has shared, I feel as if I have known her for many years. The first time I met her, Scott took me to her house in Afton. I remember how welcoming she was. She had such a grace about her. Scott was quick to find his purple glass, which is now in our cupboard. When she was ill, Scott and I took her to see the Christmas lights in the park. It was very important for Scott to share this time with Grandma D.
    Before Alex was born, we could not decide on a name for a girl, but the one name we did agree on was a middle name. Adele. A beautiful name. A beautiful person.

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