Posted: December 2, 2010 in cattle, Family album, Louisiana, Photo

Where we get our steaks

This photo was taken by my father down in Folsom,Louisiana. In the photo from left to right is,Ronald Dyess my brother, Bill Dyess my uncle and me. I think this was 1951. My uncle owned a country store/gas station and his wife Belva was the Post Mistress, the post office was attached to the store. They also owned many acres of land and raised cattle.My uncle Bill was the Mayor of Folsom for a while. This is what I remember about the day this photo was taken, My dad, Ronald and I waited for my uncle to drive his truck to the execution location. In the back of the truck was a young cow. My uncle cut the cow’s throat and we watched the life drain out. Bill then proceeded to butcher the cow. Then we took a family photo. Things I have seen.

  1. ron dyess says:

    John, I think Uncle Bill did the whole thing for shock effect for us city slickers. I also thought that mom was there. I am sure she would not have enjoyed the sight.

  2. Glenn Myers says:

    Well, three out of four in this family photo look like they’re doing well.

  3. johndyess says:

    I agree Ron. I think he did it for shock effect. I wasn’t that shocked. I couldn’t butcher a cow but for me it was a visual experience . I don’t think mom was there. In the photo album there are three photos. The one posted was ,I think taken by dad,there was one of just Uncle Bill cutting away. There was one probably taken by you of dad, Bill and me.
    I’m not finished with Uncle Bill stories. I have mixed feelings about him. He did give us a financial gift because of our last name.

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