Flight Lieutenant John Peters

On January 16,1991 war with Iraq began. I decided to to record some of this war on my VHS recorder. Sometime during the early 1990’s I began developing a new style of of illustration. It began with this illustration. I will be posting the step by step process of developing this style.

Step 1. While viewing my tapes of the first Gulf War I selected several scenes. This is one of the images I selected. I paused my recorder and took a photo of  captured RAF Flight Lieutenant John Peters. This was taken with a film camera. Step 2. I developed the film and made a 11″high  by 17″ wide black and white copy of the photo on a copy machine at a local Mail Boxes store. Step 3. I then hand colored this copy with liquid acrylics and colored pencil.  During the next week I will be showing additional images of how this style developed.


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