3D Self Portrait

detail 1

detail 2









detail 3








This is the second image I created while developing a new style. I wanted to  create a different way of presenting a portrait. Since I am an available model I decided to create a self portrait. Step 1. I took video of myself while acting out different emotions.I became an actor in my movie. I used a VHS camcorder. Step 2. I inserted the cassette into my VCR and like the previous post took photos of the TV screen with my film camera. This was before HD TV and the screen on the TV consisted of horizontal lines which were apparent on my photos. Step 3. I copied my photos on a black and white copier at Mail Boxes Etc. This was before they became a UPS Store. I made various enlargements. Step 4. I colored the black and white copies with acrylic ink using an airbrush and round sable brush. Step 5. I built a three dimensional cardboard “sculpture” made up of various size boxes.I then glued on the colored copies. The next post will show the creation of the next stage of this art style. I created this about 1994.


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