My December 4 2010 post explained the process of creating an illustration style which I call defining images. “Terror was the first of this series which was created around 1997. Today’s post includes additional “Defining Images”. Here is a  review of this process. I began with a photo I had taken and picked a word from a dictionary that I thought described this photo. I chose worry for this image. The photo is of a professional model from a previous assignment . I copied the definition of worry from a dictionary and enlarged it several times on a copy machine to add a distressed look to it. I typed the words worry, Can I do that?,anxious,and what if? on my MAC in photoshop. I made various sizes of these words on a copy machine. I than began tearing black paper into shapes and started gluing the words, black paper and photos on poster board to create a black and white collage. The collage was copied on a copy machine and this copy glued to poster board. I then painted this copy with liquid acrylic paint. This image is 11″ wide by 17″ high and was created around 1997.




succeed fail

I thank My wife Carolyn for posing for pain and my daughter Audrey for depression. They and my family have always been helpful and gracious in agreeing to pose for photos to be used as reference in my illustrations. These illustrations were for my personnel portfolio. They were not for use commercially. I did show the image “succeed fail” to a client along with images I created after these images. I will show these images and the next step of this process in a future post. Thanks for viewing my blog.


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