Posted: December 16, 2010 in History of Illustration before Computers, Photographs by John Dyess, Polaroid Photos, portraits
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Boy holding a BB gun

This is a Polaroid photo of a boy holding an air rifle. It was a reference photo for a line drawing that I did that would appear in a catalog for the client which I think was Daisy. I don’t know the models name .He was brought by the art director of this project.  I recently discovered this photo and liked the transformation. It is faded,scratched and turning brown. To me it has become a work of art. I scanned this photo and have printed a 13″ x 19″ copy of it. I think this Polaroid and other distressed Polaroids in my collection would make an interesting gallery show. This photo  reminds me of  photos of outlaws on wanted posters from late 1800’s. I would be interested to hear comments from any viewers of this post.


  1. Glenn Myers says:

    If I read you correctly, John, you did nothing to alter the aging effects of the old Polaroid.
    It’s amazing how years and maybe a little neglect can transform a photograph, especially a simple reference aid, into a work of art complete with it’s own unique patina added. Old wanted poster, yes but even more. Again thanks for sharing the bounty of your closet of files of past projects, past artistic endeavors.

  2. johndyess says:

    I did nothing to age this Polaroid. When I scanned it I made increased the contrast
    a little.

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