What is the Cost of Living

This is a collage I created in 2009 that contains copies from my collection of old and distressed Polaroid reference photos. The original use for these photos was the creation of advertising illustrations. This work is a personnel statement about the cost to survive in America. This collage art was accepted in a St. Louis Artists’ Guild Show called “Recycled Tendencies”. This show was about the reuse of objects to create art. This collage used corrugated paper, labels from food cans,newspaper advertisements,enamel house paint,drywall tape used as a stencil, and Polaroid photos. The only photo I didn’t take was of my cousin R.T. Keating when he was in Korea during the Korean War. This art does not reflect the opinions or emotional state of any of the models.


No not enter

This is a photo I took of my daughter Audrey from my collection of reference photos that was not a Polaroid. A photo of a sign I took for a digital painting. A passage from the Old Testament Bible.

Grocery Cart

This image contains a Polaroid photo from the sixties,a bar code from a food can, newspaper advertisement and black enamel paint applied with a screwdriver.

Help Us

This image contains a photo of my cousin R.T. Keating (photographer unknown),a self portrait taken from a video tape of me, cut out words from a newspaper and white paint applied using drywall tape as a stencil. The photos were printed on my Canon printer and stained with oil paint. The vertical bars are from corrugated paper.

Largest Collection of Fire Arms.

Polaroid photo which was scanned and printed on my Epson printer. I burned the edges and stained with oil paint and then glued on the corrugated base. Advertisement of gun dealer which states it has the largest collection of Fire arms.

I always am interested in your comments about my posts. I would be interested to hear you interpretation of this collage.

John Foster Dyess


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