FAMILY ALBUM-Generations Gathering at Christmas

Posted: December 23, 2010 in Christmas, Photographs by John Dyess

Christmas 1987,grandparents with grandchildren

This was the beginning of the stair photographs at Christmas with the “Dyess family”. Front row on left is Zeke Dyess, on his left is Adele Dyess,their grandchildren are on the steps behind.This was Zeke’s last Christmas,he died in August of 1988. Adele had three more Dyess Christmas family gatherings.

Grandchildren Christmas 1987

The grandchildren on stairs,Christmas 1987. Bottom step is Audrey  age 6,next step is Christy on the left Debby on the right. Third step is David on the left,Mike on the right. Next step is Mark on the left and Scott on the right. Audrey,Christy,Mike and Mark are the children of John Dyess. Debby,David and Scott are the children of Ronald Dyess.

Next generation of Grandchildren, Dyess Christmas 2010

These are the grandchildren of John and Carolyn Dyess. Bottom stair is Ryan,son of Mike and Stacy,second stair is Brady,son of Mark and Lori,third stair is Devon son of Mike and Stacy,fourth stair is Mason son of Mark and Lori,fifth stair is Claire daughter of Christy and Mike J-, and top stair is Delanie daughter of Christy and Mike J-, holding Sophia,daughter of Audrey and Nick L-.



  1. Glenn Myers says:

    One of the pleasures and treasures of life is witnessing its continuity . Thanks for sharing your traditions with us.

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