Posted: December 26, 2010 in Alan Cober, history of illustration 20th century, Missouri, Photographs by John Dyess, portraits

Alan E.Cober. Photo by John Dyess

I met Alan Cober in 1977, when I was asked  to meet him at Lambert Airport in St. Louis and drive him to the headquarters of Maritz Motivation Company, where I was an employee. Maritz Motivation was a sales incentive company with many of the Fortune 500 companies as clients. Maritz also employed over 100 artists,including graphic designers,illustrators and photographers.I was an illustrator. Alan had come to St.Louis to talk with Maritz employees and also talk to students at Washington University School of Fine Arts.I was a guest lecturer at Washington University, along with several other Maritz artists. After he had completed his lectures he asked to be driven to visit the Gateway Arch near the Mississippi River. He had created an illustration of the Gateway Arch earlier in his career and wanted to sketch the arch before returning home. I and another Maritz artist,Bud Kemper, went with him to the Arch where I took these photos of him while he was sketching. I was to meet him again when I attended the Illustration Workshop in Tarrytown ,New York in 1977. I was at mid career at this time and my career was in  ascension. Things were to change dramatically for me soon after I attended the workshop. There are times when life slaps you on the side of the head and says “wait a minute” That’s a story for a later post. This is about Alan Cober. I was to meet him one more time at the New York Society of Illustrators opening of illustrations included in Illustrators 20.I had two pieces accepted in this show.

The Illustration Workshop was one of the highlights of my career.I was not only  inspired by the faculty of Alan Cober,Bernie Fuchs,Fred Otnes,Bob Heindel and Bob Peak , but motivated to start my own business in 1980.

I am happy to share things that I have seen and people I have met ,in my blog.

John Dyess



Alan E. Cober sitting while sketching at the Gateway Arch. Photo by John Dyess

Alan Cober drawing. Photo by John Dyess

Alan Cober with his sketch book. Photo by John Dyess


  1. Glenn Myers says:

    Amazing, he’s outdoors sketching with a crow quill pen and look at the lushness of his drawn
    lines and arcs!

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