Sketch of my parents cat "stupid" 8"wide x 6" high

Photograph of my parents cat "Stupid"

Whether a sketch or photograph of an object ,person or place the result is marks on paper or a coating of emulsion on paper. It is not reality but an abstraction of something seen. Below are other example of a sketch and a photograph of something I have seen.

sketch of a rocking chair by John Dyess 6"wide x 8" high

Photograph of a rocking chair by John Dyess

Sketch of Michael Huhn late 1950's 6" wide x 8" high

Photograph of Mike Huhn by John Dyess 1958


  1. Glenn Myers says:

    One of the things I am enjoying about your blog, John, is your sharing of early works along the way to becoming the artist and professional that you’ve become. Witnessing the growth and crafting that hones the given raw talent into one that is refined and still growing is sharing an adventure. Like the journey that takes a kid from the sandlots to the major leagues. Thanks.

    • johndyess says:

      I look forward to your comments.They are well written. I know others are viewing my blog but reading comments from viewers gives me incentive to continue my daily posts.

  2. Debby Dyess says:

    Thanks for sharing the photographs of Grandma’s cat. I don’t remember ever seeing a photo of poor Stupid – ironically better than the other cat’s name….

    Thanks for sharing Mike Huhn, too. I remember visiting Mike and Tammy when they lived in or close to Columbia, MO.

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