Carolyn's World by John Dyess 1995

In 1978 I was like Humpty Dumpty,I felt like I had fallen off a wall and my shell was broken. Carolyn Dixon came along and helped put me together again. Thanks Carolyn I love you and I miss you this weekend.

This painting “Carolyn’s World” was about Carolyn and things that were important to her. The Maxfield Parrish print “Daybreak” that  was her Grandmother’s. Sea shells from a beach in North Carolina.A pair of her favorite earrings. My challenge for this painting was to represent not just Carolyn but a variety of patterns and textures. Oil on Canvas 22″wide x 28″ high. Painted in 1995.

Carolyn Dixon and John Dyess "The beginning, 1978"



  1. Glenn Myers says:

    John, like I told you at the Illustrators meeting on Tuesday, it is your additional personal statement that includes the new viewer into the life of the work itself and not just the surface beauty and appreciation. Thanks again.

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