CA Art Annual 1977

This is a scan from a magazine called Communication Arts that shows two examples of my illustrations created for Phillips 66. My work was selected by a panel of a photographer,designer and two illustrators. The illustrators were Mark English and Dugald Stermer. This was the second year of the Art Annual. It has been 34 years since this Annual was printed . Hard to believe how fast time goes by. I saw Mark English several years ago when he gave a presentation of his art at a state university in Missouri. My friend Ted Wright was there and we ate dinner with Mark. To be accepted in this art annual is an important honor for an illustrator. The art director at Maritz for this project was Herb Rose and the graphic designer was Jack Whitson.

Portrait illustration of Henry Ford

The size of this illustration is 10″ x 10″ . It is a mixed media illustration using felt tip marker,dyes,white gouache and enamel spray paint.

Detail of illustration of Model T Ford

During the 1970″s I began painting over photographs as an illustration technique. I painted over a cut out black and white photo copy of a Ford Motel T . This of course was before photoshop software.

Being accepted in these annuals can be a financial boost to an illustrators career. I”ll talk about this tomorrow.

  1. Nielander says:

    I remember those “good old days” of creating art –
    no photoshop and without computers.

    During the year 1975-1977, a poster was published
    in a CA Magazine depicting world nation’s flags
    contained in a dove shape. It had a black background
    and placed in a hexagon shape.

    Is it possible to retrieve/find that image. I have
    great interest in seeing it to understand someone who
    discussed the poster with me.

    • johndyess says:

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my blog post. Are you Lucas? Do you have a blog? I looked through The Art Annual for 1977 and didn’t see the poster you commented on,but if I find it I will contact you. I still do art traditionally but also enhance this work in photoshop.

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