Confirmation of Mike and Mark Dyess 1977

This painting of my twin sons,Mike and Mark was painted in oil on canvas 1n 1977. I think  God can speak to us visually, we just have to see what God is showing us. I had my 35 MM camera with me at my sons’ confirmation, I wanted to take a photo of them  with the priest, and took a photo in the sanctuary. After I had the slide film developed I realized what a special moment this photo represented. I projected the slide on an 18″wide by 24″ high canvas and drew in graphite pencil a simple contour outline of the people and objects in this photo.I taped the slide to a printers loop ,which is a small magnifying glass, and viewed the slide while painting. This was one of those magical moments when a painting goes rapidly. I believe I completed the painting in about three hours. I used this “from above” lighting on other paintings. It is a favorite source of light for my paintings. This painting appeared in Communication Arts “the Art Annual 1978” and The New York Society of Illustrators “Illustrators XX”.

Buffalo Bill Painted by John Dyess in 1977

This ink,pencil and spray paint illustration was created while I was working at Maritz Motivation Company. I forget the client. There was some connection to Buffalo Bill. The reference was a black and white photo taken of Buffalo Bill and  provided by a photo rental company. Maritz paid for the use as reference for my painting. Size of this art was 12″x12″. This illustration also appeared in Illustrators XX.


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