FAMILY PORTRAITS- Christine Dyess Jones

Posted: January 27, 2011 in music, oil paintings, Paintings by John Dyess, portraits
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This is an oil painting of my daughter Christy that was painted in 1988.This was the first painting I entered in a St. Louis Artists’ Guild show and it was accepted. The show was “portrait Exhibition” and the dates were January 20 Feb. 6,1991.I have now been accepted in over thirty shows. Christy was living with us for a short period and was taking saxophone lessons at Meramec. She had a dress from a wedding that I asked her to pose in and I had a straw hat in my costume collection.I posed her as the sun was setting in our back yard and took a roll of slide photos. I used these photos for reference while painting this portrait.

  1. Glenn Myers says:

    This series of portraits is lush in color and environment and overall sensibility! Your family have receive gifts that should be priceless to them. By the way Christine Dyess is very similar to the name of the young ingenue in “The Phantom of the Opera”.

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