Posted: January 28, 2011 in oil paintings, Paintings by John Dyess, portraits
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Justin DiCenzo

I met Justin when my family moved into our house on Josephine Ave. in Glendale Missouri and his family were neighbors.I think he was eight years old. I remember Justin playing a trombone on the front steps of his house. That was the beginning of his music career. He is an amazing musician and at the time I painted him a very interesting visual treat. The house I lived in had a skylight in the living room and a staircase to the second floor. I asked Justin to put on an interesting  outfit and bring over one of his guitars. I stood on the stairs and took bird’s eye view photographs of Justin standing under the skylight. I selected one of these photos and created an oil on canvas painting of him that is 24″ wide x 36″ high. The first time Justin modeled for me was shortly after we became neighbors and I needed photo reference of a boy for an illustration that I did for Highlights for Children.

  1. Glenn Myers says:

    Did he decide not to wear an interesting outfit? What a great shadow.

  2. Peggy Rosenthal says:

    I’ve been watching for this!! Thanks for putting on your blog. The old days…Josephine in Glendale.

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