TEACHING – Illustration, Meramec Community College

Posted: January 30, 2011 in Meramec Community College

Illustration by Sharon Engelhofer

Last week I received a post on the studiodyess.blogspot.com  by a former student at Meramec Community College. I am posting her comment in her own words below. Above is one of her illustration from the Illustration class I taught. I ask my students if I can share their work for educational purposes. Sharon gave me a digital copy of this illustration,which I scanned for use in this blog.   I thank her for her kind words. I also have included the illustration assignment. Sharon was an excellent student and I enjoyed being her teacher.

I have never had a chance to thank you Mr. Dyess for your teaching direction and down to earth instructor skills. I truly enjoyed your classes at Meramec Community college. I have utilized your instruction, and wisdom in my portraits, and other creations that I have completed, and I just wanted you to know how thankful I am that I had you for my instructor in graphic illustration classes and illustrator classes. I am an avid admirer of all of your art work and I love viewing your illustrator website of past and present works that you have completed. You never made me feel hopeless regarding my efforts or the work that I turned in even though I knew that some of it was missing completion skills. Over the years I have grown to appreciate the time given to us on this earth, that being said, “I make a conscious effort to always finish what I start,” regardless of the out come. I wish the world had more attentive and caring instructors who truly enjoy helping others, like yourself, who also believe in lifting their students up, even when the work isn’t quite finished in your eyes, but completed in theirs. I pray that the Lord will continue to bless and keep you and your family, through all you set out to accomplish in your life, that is within God’s will.


Sharon Egelhofer, class year


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