TEACHING – Visual Arts

Posted: January 31, 2011 in Architecture, Photographs by John Dyess, visual art
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Carolyn's traditional tools

John's work table

My hope is high schools,because of financial concerns, will not eliminate visual art classes. Visual art is everywhere we look. The clothes we wear ,the car we drive,the video games we play,the movies we watch, the magazines we read,the furniture we set in, the house we live in,the containers our food comes in, the type fonts on computers ,the face on our clock, the menu you read,the glasses you wear,the brochures and signs of politicians running for public office, etc,etc, were all touched by visual artists. Art is not just about painters painting still life or portraits,making pretty pictures, it is about architects,graphic designers,industrial designers,TV and movie set designers,animators,photographers and teachers. It is about communication. Creating art has been my career and my passion. I thank all my teachers that helped me realize this dream.

  1. Glenn Myers says:


    Is the bottom image a photograph or is it you doing that thing you do?

  2. johndyess says:

    These are both photographs. Same way of seeing as my still life paintings. This is what bothers me about seeing images online,more people view images, but I think there is a big difference when paintings ,drawings and even photographs are seen “live”. There is a tactile sense to paintings on a wall or felt in your hands. You’ve seen my paintings and the surface textures that are there. Thanks for asking.

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