Beautiful Ladies, black and white conversion

Step one was selecting a photo from a May 2010 trip to New York City and cropping the photo. I began step two by converting the color photo into a black and white photo and increasing the contrast of the photo.

Selected elements from black and white photo

I selected areas from the black and white photo and pasted them into a new document. This was a process of “seeing” the photograph and the beginning of the process of  the abstraction of the photograph.

Digital changes to areas selected from the black and white photo.

The original photo included the building of the Hustler Club. There was a sign on the building that said “Hundreds of Beautiful Ladies”. I shortened that to Beautiful Ladies and used it for my title of this painting. I began to further abstract the photo by working on the selected areas ,digitally, using photoshop. I went on a online search for pedestrian walk, don’t walk signs to add to the selected images. A walk sign can be seen In the left  side of the photo. The areas of interest for me are street signs and architectural elements from the Hustler building.

Tomorrow will be step three of this process.


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