Athens, client Excide 1977

This illustration was created when I was an employee at Maritz Motivation Company and was printed in an brochure announcing a sales incentive  contest sponsored by Excide. It was included in the Illustrators 19 annual published by the New York Society of Illustrators. Since I was an employee of Maritz the original art belonged to Maritz. It was hung in a gallery with other art by Maritz employees for a number of years and finally was taken by an employee of Maritz to hang in his office and at some point disappeared. I wish I had this artwork. I may see it for sale on Ebay someday.

This was one of the first paintings that  I began to color  black and white Xerox copies and paste on the surface of the painting. The coin and statue of the athlete with the discus are the colored copies. This painting is similar to the recent painting I posted on my blog titled “Beautiful Ladies”.

Today I noticed on the inside cover of Illustrators 19,which was my wife Carolyn’s copy , an inscription I wrote which said ” To Carolyn, I taught you a little about illustration and you taught me how to live again. John”. Carolyn was a student in a class I taught at Washington University in the mid 1970s.

  1. John Smith says:

    What a lovely personal note:).

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