Pastel drawing of Director's Chair

I created this drawing in the year 2ooo to use as an example for an assignment I gave for a class called Drawing for Graphics at Meramec Community College located in St. Louis County, MO. Below is the assignment with examples of my step by step process.

Photo of a director's chair

Photograph shadows using whatever kind of camera you have. These shadows can be from any kind of form; a tree.a building,an animal etc. Include part of the object that is casting the shadow.

Contour drawing

1. Create a contour drawing of the object and shadow from one of the photos you took. 2. Place this drawing with-in a 12″ x 14″ format.

color marker sketch of director's chair

Fill in the negative area around object and shadow with a black marker. Create a full color illustration concentrating on the negative shapes. Be creative with the use of color. It is not necessary to copy the color of the photograph.

I created a color marker sketch instead of a  black marker sketch. My pastel drawing is 21″ wide x 17″ high.

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