1950’S – Radio and Music

Posted: February 18, 2011 in Radio in the 1950's, St. Louis, WTMV radio station
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Zeke Dyess and Robert BQ (Burris)

This post is about radio and music in St. Louis during the 1950’s and specifically about how it affected my life. My father Zeke or Zeake Dyess was a radio engineer at radio station WTMV/WAMV/WBBR during the 1940’s,50’s and 60’s. My father never went to high school, but was able to get his radio license by studying at night through a correspondence course.In this photo is my father on the left and Robert BQ (Burris on the right. Robert BQ began at WTMV in East St. Louis,where he worked as an engineer and disc jockey. He was the owner of a record store in East St. Louis and,along with his wife Shirley ,he promoted local R&B concerts. Me and my friend Lee Herberger drove to WTMV to visit my dad and we were on the air with Robert BQ. I think Lee did most of the talking.


Lee Herberger, senior class photo Affton High School

I lost tract of Lee until he located me on Facebook recently. His bio says he is known as Wolfgang Spider in the blues music community.

Radio Station WTMV was located in the Broadview Hotel in East St.Louis. St. Louis’ first African American disc jockey,Wiley Price Jr. got his first radio job in 1944 at WTMV.


  1. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for the photo of Grandpa!

  2. ron dyess says:

    John, the picture brings back lots of memories. I also visited the radio station when I would come in from college. BQ would always invite me into the studio, and we would talk about various things. He would mostly ask me about scholl, what I was studying, etc. He was a great guy!

    Dad sure looks young in the picture. Of course, I was in my mid 20’s then, and I’m an old poop now.

  3. ron dyess says:

    John, PS I guess I did not learn much at Rolla, since I cannot spell school.


  4. Shayla says:

    I am looking for Robert BQ Family for my father…..please inbox me at my email

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