In 2006 I was contacted by a representative of the musician Robbie Robertson to create a sample illustration for a project that would be a boxed set of CDs featuring various rock musicians.They asked me to create an illustration of Elvis Presley. This is the sample I created. It would have been a good assignment illustrating other recording artists. The project was cancelled. I wouldn’t use this illustration commercially unless the client paid the estate of Elvis for the use of his image.

In my previous blog  I talked about my dad working as a radio engineer for WTMV. My uncle S.M. Foster worked as an radio engineer for KMOX for many years retiring in the early 1960’s. I remember my Aunt Ollie listening to Rex Davis on KMOX in the morning. My friends and I would go to sock hops when I was a high school student at Affton High School. Jules Blattner and the Teen Tones would play at these dances. My friends and I usually didn’t dance. Just stand around and watch. While attending Washington University Art School in St. Louis I got to know John Harford(Hartford),who was studying illustration. He would play and sing at lunch and some of us art students would listen.I remember sitting next to him drawing from a model and talking about illustration. He admired the work of illustrator David Stone Martin. John and I went to a used furniture store to purchase a sofa for models to pose on at the art school. Our instructor Siegfried Reinhardt asked us to purchase this sofa. John didn’t return my senior year and I saw him again at  Camp McCoy , Wisconsin, in the early 1960’s, while walking down a street. He saw me first and greeted me. We talked briefly, he was working I believe,at a radio station in Illinois. We were both at Camp McCoy for our two week Army Reserve training .  The next time I saw him was on television singing “Gentle on my Mind.”

  1. Rosy says:

    Nice illustration John, pity it never got used

  2. Glenn Myers says:

    What can I say? ” You ain’t nothing but a hound dog”? Sorry you didn’t get the opportunity to have this project to complete , as usual it would have been good stuff. Personally I would rather see a little less photo and more of your hand in play. That would really be something else befitting “The King”.

  3. johndyess says:

    Thanks for the comment. I probably went a different direction than the sample of my work the client liked. He liked my Franz Kafka illustration, which had the hand work you like. This piece was all digital illustration. The style wasn’t what kept me from getting the project.I think they decided not to spend money on illustrations.I hope you checked out the links. There is some interesting back stories in the links.

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