Posted: February 27, 2011 in Bernie Fuchs, Digital paintings by John Dyess, New York City, street signs, Times Square
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Turn Me On

I am presenting my digital illustrations in sequence to the time line I viewed each scene from my walk around Times Square. These digital illustrations are created from photos I took In May of 2008. I shot the photos literally from the hip. I chose to hold my Nikon D-50,most of the time, at hip level and aimed in the general direction of the subject. I enjoyed seeing the images for the first time on my computer monitor. I then began the creative process by selecting images that “spoke to me” visually. I cropped and enhanced the selections using filters and than began a digital painting process using the paint brush tool in photoshop. I still use a mouse for painting. I was attracted to this image because of the signs and complex shapes created by these signs and architecture. Below is a detail enlargement from this image.

"Turn Me On" detail

I was inspired in my youth by the illustrator Bernie Fuchs, especially his early work from the 1960’s. My digital technique was influenced by his illustration stlye from this  period. I scanned a 1960 magazine advertisement for General Motors he painted. Below is a detail from this ad.

Bernie Fuchs illustration

I prefer to show my digital paintings as large format prints. Showing my work online presents it to a larger audience,but much is lost when paintings and photos are viewed online.


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