World War One illustration by John Dyess

From 1998 until now I have worked in a mixed media style using photocopies, type, ink drawings and torn scraps of paper. I recently realized my work was influenced by the work of DADA artists. Dada was a literary and artistic movement which began during World War One in Europe. The artists,writers and intellectuals of this movement were against any ism, nationalism,rationalism,materialism that contributed to a senseless war.More about DADA in future posts.

Some of the photos used in this image ,created in the late 1990’s, were from a scrapbook of Henry Bausback. Mr. Bausback was a soldier in World War One serving in the German army. He was captured and became a prisoner of war. he later became and American citizen. His son,Rick Bausback  married my cousin Jan Foster. Sometime in the 1950’s Mr. Bausback gave me his scape book that contained newspaper clippings from World War One and World War Two. I looked at this scrape book many times and used it for reference in some of my illustrations. I recently returned it to Rick so he could share it with his children.

Below are details from this illustration. I have also included a photo of a great uncle,Joe Kestler, that served during World War One. Frank Buckles the last surviving U.S. World War 1 veteran died recently at 110.

World War 1 began in 1914

Until 1916

Casualties 37 million

World War Dead 8,490,086

Joe Kestler World War War.


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