Country Doctor

This is one of three illustrations created for the 1992 Annual Report of Christian Health System. The client wanted to show a Model T Ford going down a country road and in the scene was the full moon, a country school house and an American flag. This illustration was depicting a time when country doctors made house calls. This composition is my idea. Each illustration was to contain an image of the moon and an American Flag. The size of the original art was 22″ high and 17″wide. This ¬†illustration was painted on Bainbridge cold press board and was a painted with liquid acrylic,colored pencil ,graphite pencil and ink. The offset printing size was 11″ high x 8.5″ wide. Below are pencil sketches shown to the client.

Thumbnail sketch

This small sketch 1.75″ wide x 2″ high was my first composition idea. The second step was to find reference of a Model T Ford, school house and moon.

First idea drawing.

This is the first idea drawing shown to the client. 9.25 ” high x 7″ wide.

First client change.

This is the first change requested by client. The moon became larger and centered in composition. Children were taken out of school yard because it was the evening and the sun was setting.

Second change by client.

The client made a few drawings and pasted them over my drawing and wrote a few notes in red marker. Moon became smaller ,school house became smaller. The notes say “Dark green Model T,I made moon smaller bright and glowing, colorful wild flowers and Road showing Where we’ve been,school house very small”. It was my idea to show the setting sun.



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