Boy and the Moon

This is the second illustration in the CHS annual report. The client requested the moon and an American Flag be in this illustration. Part of a quote in this section said”-to meet tomorrow head-on”.

thumbnail boy and the moon

This is a small “thumbnail” sketch for boy and the moon. My first idea was to have the boy looking out the window at the moon standing in the background with the mother holding baby on the left side with the doctor on the right side in the foreground.

first sketch to show client.

This is the first sketch I showed to client. Boy is now in the foreground with the moon reflected in the window glass.

second sketch with client notes

After the client signed off on this idea I hired models to photograph and painted the illustration. The illustration was painted on Bainbridge cold press board and was painted with liquid acrylic ,colored pencil, graphite pencil and ink. The offset printing size was 11″ high by 8.5 ” wide. The size of the original was 22″ high x 17″ wide.


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