ASTRONAUT- Illustration by John Dyess 1966

Posted: March 15, 2011 in astronaut,space, illustrations by John Dyess
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Astronaut by John Dyess 1966

Here is another illustration of an Astronaut. I painted this in 1966 to use as a portfolio piece to show to an illustration studio owner. I was working at this time at Scott Air Force Base in Illinois. I was searching for new employment and a friend said this studio was looking to hire another illustrator.I was hired in March of 1966 and worked there as an illustrator until March of 1969.  It was not a pleasant place to work. The owner was an alcoholic. Eventually his business failed. At one time it was a premier illustration studio in St. Louis. One of the representatives at this studio,after seeing this sample wanted me to change to the “current” style of the day,which I didn’t like. The good thing it made me appreciate my next job at Maritz, which was the best job I had in my career.


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