Painting of Anna Houserman

“- I reflected upon the ambiguous importance of the past in our lives. In order to free our selves from it ,I thought, we treat it as a decaying memory. At the same time, it’s the only measure of identity we have. There is no mystery to the self; we are what we do and where we have been. So we have to resurrect the past constantly, erect monuments to it ,and keep it alive in order to remember who we are.” this is from ” The Neon Rain” by James Lee Burke, who is one of my favorite fiction writers. I was reading this book several days ago and thought this is a  sum up of  why I created this blog.

The above painting is a portrait I painted in 1962 of a friend, Anna Houserman. She was a painting major and also painted a portrait of me. The style of this painting was influenced by the way she painted.We were friends during the summer and fall of 1962.

Anna Houserman 1962


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