Don't Slow Children

Cover for The Book of Lists

I teach at Meramec Community College,which is a junior college near St. Louis,Missouri. I am adjunct faculty. A student in my drawing class ,a man in his thirties originally from Afghanistan,addresses me as “teacher”. I am proud to be called teacher. I have friends that are full time high school teachers. They work hard and work more than forty hours a week. Teachers are an important asset to our community.

The first image is a digital painting I created using photographs I had taken of  street signs. This digital painting was accepted in a juried show, at the St. Louis Artists’ Guild in 2006, called “Photography:  Daguerreotypes to Digital.” The second image is the cover of a book called “The Art Teachers Book of Lists” written by Helen Hume, a member of the Artists’ Guild. She saw my digital painting at this show and asked the publisher to use it on the cover of her book.


  1. Scott Dyess says:

    Hello Uncle John, Both points are so cool. I totally agree that Teachers are one of the most valuable assets to every community. I also love your combination of digital images and paintings. Anytime an Artist can continue to grow and expand their body of work needs to be complimented. It is always easy to do the things your fimilar and comfortable with, but it is inspiring to see someone try something new and exciting. All my best to Carolyn and all the family! Scott

  2. johndyess says:

    Thanks Scott. I have to come out of the closet sometimes and admit that I am a “Liberal”.
    Hope all is well with you and your family.

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