Stan Musial

1985 Baseball Digest Cover featuring Cardinal Hall of Fame players

Baseball Digest 1984 Annual Guide

Three illustrations I created of St.Louis Cardinals Baseball Players. The painting of Stan hung in the St.Louis Cardinals Hall of Fame museum in the 1990’s.

  1. Glenn Myers says:

    John, these had to have been fun projects. They sure turned out well. And now it’s time for the “boys of summer” to do their thing again!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Debby Dyess says:

    And now Stan has a home with your oldest niece!! Go Cardinals!!

  3. johndyess says:

    They were fun Glenn. I did two covers of Baseball Digest and black and white portraits of the players and coaches of the 1982 World Champion Baseball Cardinals. A former employee of Maritz, Jack Francis had a professional relationship with Marty Hendin who was in charge of promotions for the Cardinals. Jack made a proposal to create a catalog for Stan Musial in the early 1990’s. I did three paintings of Stan for this project. Stan decided he didn’t need a catalog. He did sign a color print of one of these paintings. One painting hung the Cardinals Hall of Fame at the old Busch Stadium for about eight years.

  4. johndyess says:

    Debby, I know Stan is in a good home, living in your shine to the Baseball Cardinals.

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