Father and daughter holding hands,photograph by Herb Rose

During this past Sunday’s service, at Webster Groves Christian Church, an elderly couple were sitting in the row ahead of me and I saw something I would like to share. The husband has Alzheimer’s disease and needs the help of a cane. He remained seated while his wife and the congregation stood and sang “This is Holy Ground”. The words in the second verse are “These are Holy hands; God’s given us holy hands. God works through these holy hands, and so these hands are holy.” During this verse the husband took his wife’s hand and began softly kissing her hand.

The hands in the photo are my hand and my daughter Christy Dyess Jones hand. The photo was taken by my friend Herb Rose and used on the cover of a brochure for the Father and Daughter Y-indian Princess program. This brochure was from the early 1970’s. Christy was about four years old.

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