Catch the Cat, photo of Nekos shadow

I was listening to Terri Gross today and she was interviewing Werner Herzog about his 3D movie “Cave of Forgotten Dreams”. Werner Herzog mentioned how much he like a scene fro a Fred Astaire movie where Astaire was dancing with his shadow and I decided to show a  series of shadow photos I have taken for about six years. This falls under the categorie “things I have seen”.

  1. Glenn Myers says:

    I love shadows. I, too, take what I call “shadow dancing” photos as they describe the subject from an entirely different perspective. Your example of both the hand in chase and the cat via its shadow is intriguing as in both views at the same time.

  2. johndyess says:

    I will be showing more shadow photos this week with a time out to show a “good Friday” collage I created last year. I look forward to seeing “Cave of Forgotten Dreams’. These “illustrators” of cave walls had to have years of training and must have been excused from hunting and gathering in order to hone their skills.I wonder if the artists were female?

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