Model T Ford

The illustrations I created for the text book A Look Inside Cars was one of the first illustration assignment  I received after I started my business John Dyess Illustration in  September of 1980. I created four illustrations of various cars that were used at the beginning of each chapter. I used brown  felt tip pens for the drawings with an overlay of water based paints on illustration board. Below are two amore illustrations used in this book.

1957 Chevrolet

Car illustration from A Look Inside Cars

  1. Glenn Myers says:

    I love your playful surface treatment on the brass plating of the model T. That takes the technical crispness into art. And regarding the 57 Chevy, has there ever been a more classic “classic”! Especially if you were to compare the classic design and function of the 57 Chevy to the finned horror of the Mopars as in Dodge and Plymouth of the same year. I had a 57 Plymouth and I know it was just a car ( with a very good base engine, the 318 V8). It was and still would be just a car while the 57 Chevy was and always has been the Classic American Auto . Ah, but I digress, the illustrations are as usual pure Dyess – also known as classic.

  2. John Christensen says:

    I went to and you can buy copies of this book there.

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