Caustic Network – Photos by Devoree Crist

Posted: April 29, 2011 in Devoree Crist photographs
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photo by Devoree Crist

Recently I have posted shadow and reflection photos I have taken. I have been advised that the optics of these photos are known as Caustic Network. A friend from my church Devoree Crist sent me some of her light and shadow photos.

In her own words is a statement of the thought process of her photos.

Busy day yesterday. Was thinking about my thought process…I had these items on my table and it was a particularly bright morning, the sun was streaming into the windows on the south side of the house and I remember thinking how the bowl changed the sunlight into such a cool design, while the gourds blocked the light leaving these elongated shadows. So, I put them on the floor to get full sun and created my still life photos. The slatted board is a cooling rack used in baking….. Devoree Crist 

photo by Devoree Crist

photo by Devoree Crist

photo by Devoree Crist


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