General Joe W. Kelly

I was employed as an artist at Scott Air Force Base from September of 1962 until March of 1966. The headquarters of the Military Airlift Command was located on this Base which is near Belleville ,Illinois. This portrait of General Kelly was printed in the  Airlift Service Management Report for July 1963 until June 1964.I also design the majority of this report. It was the first and last annual report I designed . I enjoyed the process of selecting photos and placing them in the report.

Accent on Bars Captain Joseph M.Kovak

Accent on Bars Captain Raymond Covill

I created a series of portraits while working at MATS, which later became MAC, for newspaper printing of officers that served with MATS. I drew these with graphite pencil on a paper that had raised dots on the surface . Some of my illustrator friends will know the name of this paper. It was used primarily for reproduction in newspaper printing. This was one of the few times I drew cartoons. I will have more posts on this period of my career.

  1. Rich Bausback says:

    Maybe you could find a photo and paint a picture of your relative, Lieutenant Colonel William Dyess for whom Dyess Air Force Base near Abilene Texas was named. He was a pilot who survived the Bataan Death March in the Philippines and escaped. He returned to the US where he was offered a safe job in the States. He declined, preferring to return to combat in the Pacific where he was killed in action. Jan says he is a relative although she doesn’t know the exact connection. Jan and I stayed at Dyess AFB when we were traveling through Texas.
    Rich Bausback

    • johndyess says:

      Rick, I just remembered I have a copy of the book “The Dyess Story” by Lt. Col. Wm.E. Dyess that is an eye witness account of the Death March from Bataan and his eventual escape. Thanks for the comment

  2. ron dyess says:

    John, I found the comments from Rich as you can tell from this response. I do not think he was killed in action in the Pacific. Read my e-mail. I am sure he was killed stateside in a flying accident. He was in the Air Corps at the time since he was flying a P-38.

  3. Glenn Myers says:

    John, these “cartoon/portraits” are reminiscent of the work of Amadee and Amour Krupnick that graced the St. Louis papers. Remember them? Krupnik I believe lived for a while in Columbia, IL, where I grew up.

    • johndyess says:

      Glenn I remember Amadee, my mother told me she was his neighbor when she was a young girl. Amadee, if still alive must be in his 90’s. Bob Shay, I think, worked with him at the Post Dispatch. I probably saw Krunik’s work but don’t remember. The paper surface I worked on was probably the same as Amadee worked on. I’m sure I was influenced by Amadee’s work when I drew these portraits.

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