Washington University of St. louis School of Art ,1957 – 1961 drawing of students

Posted: May 23, 2011 in John Dyess student work, Washington University School of Art

Drawing of student 1 by John Dyess

Drawing of student 2 by John Dyess

These are sketches of fellow students at Washington University during 1958 or 1959. The tuition at Washington U in 1957 was $ 375.00 The following are some of my instructers; Walter Barker,Edward Boccia,Daniel Boza, Werner Drewes ( who Told me “I tink you get D”) My freshman year, when he was my teacher, I just wanted to draw and paint,I had no interest in design. Big mistake not paying more attention to what he was teaching. Other teachers were William Fett, Peter Geist, Graves Gladney ( one of my favorites) ,Charles Quest,Robert Robinson,Warren Spaulding,Stanley Tasker,Richard Brunell ( who asked me to teach at WU ) H. Richard Duhme,Jr.,William Fett and Howard Jones. I also taught as a lecturer with William Kohn.


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