MEMORIAL DAY – Dyess family – peace time service

Posted: May 29, 2011 in art,John_Dyess, Family album, history, Military Service, U.S. Army
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John Dyess U.S. Army 1961

I served in the U.S. Army Reserve  from June of 1961 until April of 1967,basically a peacetime army during my service,although by the time I received my Honorable Discharge  the war in Vietnam had intensified. By the time I was discharged the division I had served in, the Ozark Division had been disbanded. In my opinion I think the Military Reserves are better trained than the Reserves of the 1960’s.We were still using World War 2 equipment including the M1 Rifle. There was a rumor that President Johnson was going to call up the Reserves to active duty in the mid 1960’s but instead increased the Draft call-ups. My time in the Army Reserves ,for me, was much like being a Boy Scout,going to weekly meetings and going for two weeks to summer camp. My older brother Ronald was in the Regular Army and was better trained than I was,although he was stationed at a Radar Site in Malibu, California which was probably an ideal location to serve your country. Below are several photos from Ron’s photo album showing the Radar Site were he was stationed. Ron served from Dec.17,1956 until Dec.17 1959,which would have been about the time Elvis was in the Army. Ron was a Staff Sergeant when he received an  Honorable Discharge.

Shot of Operations Room

My brother is the Staff Sergeant standing by the operations board. This is his writing which was on the back of the photo.

Shot of Shack

Again the writing of my brother on the back of this photo. Below is his his son David Dyess who served in the Navy.

David Dyess

Tomorrow I will talk about relatives that served  during a war,some were in combat.




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