FAMILY ALBUM – Emil Kestler

Posted: May 31, 2011 in Army uniform 1940's, history, Military Service, U.S. Army, War, World War Two
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Emil Kestler

This is a photo of my Uncle Emil Kestler who served under General Patton in Europe during World War 2.He was my mother’s younger brother. This is what my brother Ron remembers about our uncle Emil.


A couple of stories I remember about Emil are as follows.

He ended up driving some sort of scout vehicle,with wheels instead of tracks. I think it had a 37mm gun and a crew of 4. He told the story about his assistant driver being killed by a freak,or very lucky shot. The side by the assistant driver had a small slot about an inch or so high that he could look out of. They were driving through a town and he asked his assist. driver a question and when he did not answer he looked over and the driver was dead,hit in the head by a bullet that came through the slot.

Another time ,his vehicle had a flat and he was changing the tire when he was tapped on the shoulder. When he turned around ,it was a german soldier who wanted to surrender. 

I can clearly remember the day Emil went into the Army. He was 17. They lived on Alabama Ave. by the Carondolet YMCA. I was about 8 or 9 years old. I remember our Grandmother ,Emil,his future wife,mom and probably you walking down Loughborough Ave. to Broadway where he caught the train to take him to Jefferson Barracks. It is like it happened yesterday.Any time I pass that location,I think about that evening.


Our uncle died in the early 1990’s and is buried in Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery.



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