The Year was 1881

This was a rewarding assignment that Mulvey and Associates,my representative in New York City, got for me in 1981. The client was Commerce & Industry Insurance Company and was printed in a promotional brochure to celebrate the 100 year anniversary of their company. The text spoke of events making news in the United States in 1881. President James A. Garfield was shot and mortally wounded. Thomas A. Edison oversaw the construction of the first electric light power Paris,France, the framework and base of the Statue of Liberty put into place and somewhere in New,Mexico William H. Bonney ,21, is shot to death by Pat Garrett. Bonney is better known as Billy the Kid .

The printed size of the illustration is 8.25″ wide x 9.50″ and is printed on a cream colored uncoated textured paper. The size of the brochure is 12″ x12″. On the cover the words THE YEAR WAS was printed in black ink, and 1881 was embossed on a heavy weight uncoated paper.

Cover The Year Was

I started the illustration drawing with a fine line felt tip marker that was water soluble drawn on illustration board. I added color using ink and a product called Spray Mark which was probable bad for my lungs. The size of the original was about 16″ wide x 20″ high. Unfortunately I never got the art back.


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