Cover of announcement RCA Parts and Accessories 1971

This is the cover art for an announcement mailer created for RCA Parts and Accessories dealers. This was the third year I worked for Maritz Motivation Company and my tenth year as a professional illustrator. This illustration was rendered in Magic Marker brand felt tip markers on tracing paper,which was glued to illustration board. I was interested in negative  shapes and  bright colors. This was a technique I used for about four years. It was fast and at the time I liked the look of the art. Now I think of it as a “comp” for the finished art. A representative in the New York area used this as a sample to show clients.Bob worked for Mulvey and Associates for a number of years until Randy Mulvey died. I was represented by Mulvey and Associates beginning in 1977.

Inside spread for RCA announcement.

This is the inside spread for the RCA announcement “Adventure ’71”. This is a typical montage illustration used during this time period for client mailers.



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