Jamaica Carling

I was always able to experiment working with new styles of  illustration when employed at Maritz, which was just one of the reasons I stayed for eleven years. I illustrated this announcement mailer using a collage technique. I cut out images from Jamaican brochures ,glued them on illustration board and painted over the images with acrylic paint. This was either a forerunner of Photoshop or scrapbooking, neither of which were available at this time. Several years later Maritz began using a stock photo agency to lease the use of photos for their graphics. Maritz also sent employees to photograph travel destinations. My friend Herb Rose was one of these employees that traveled to many locations  taking pictures.

detail from Jamaica Carling

I don’t remember which graphic designer I worked with on this announcement mailer. Maritz in 1973, when this mailer was created, was divided into geographic locations. I was in the Mid-Atlantic region. We serviced clients within this region of the United States. Each department had several graphic designers,an illustrator,production artist and art director.

Jamaica Carling front

Jamaica Carling back

This mailer was designed as an accordion fold. On the back side was an aerial photo of Rose Hall Parish ,Montego Bay ,Jamaica. This message was also printed on the back. Here’s how Carling plans to help you get to Jamaica. Soon, an awards program for your salesmen will be announced. It will last until November 1,1973,and will be funded entirely by Carling. This program,as well as Crown Club II, is designed to build your Carling sales… substantially and permanently! 



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