MARITZ MOTIVATION COMPANY – The trip that was cancelled.

Posted: June 8, 2011 in 1980 Moscow Olympics, Architecture, illustrations by John Dyess, Maritz Motivation Company, travel illustrations
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Moscow,Maritz 1979

In 1979 General Electric Apparatus Distribution Sales Division had hired Maritz to promote a sales incentive campaign for their employees. The employees  could win a  trip to the 1980 Summer Olympics which were being held in Moscow.It was a major incentive program and I created many full color illustrations for this campaign. On December 1979 the Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan and President Jimmy Carter boycotted the Olympics. GE cancelled the trip. All of the direct mail had been printed. I had lots of samples to put in my portfolio.

I was near the end of my employment at Maritz , I had been divorced for about a year and I was enjoying a relationship with my current  wife Carolyn. My life was soon to have many major changes.

Illustration of Russian woman by John Dyess for GE campaign

Russian Nights by John Dyess

These illustration were drawn on pebble mat board with graphite pencils and colored with Dr Martin dyes. The size of the original were about 18″x 20″. The folded size of the mailers was 8″wide by 7.75″high

  1. rjshay says:

    Great work, John!

  2. Glenn Myers says:

    As usual you have nailed all the different genres of illustration as they happen. The ballet piece is so fine. I’m thinking that somewhere in your genetic makeup there is a chameleon somehow. And “ho-ray” for Carolyn!

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