Portrait of Sir Edmund Hillary by John Dyess

This was one of the last campaigns I worked on at Maritz. I started my own business,John Dyess Illustration, in September of 1980. This campaign was called Peak Performance and was created for Aetna Life & Casualty. The print mailers were geared around famous mountain climbers. This portrait of Sir Edmund Hillary was on the first mailer. The trips promoted were to Germany and the Bahamas.

Detail from original illustration

This illustration of Edmund hillary was created using graphite pencil on Crescent Illustration Board, cold press surface, No. 100 heavy weight. A thin coat of gesso was painted on the surface of the illustration board before the pencil was applied. Color was added using Dr. PH Martin Radiant Concentrated Water Color ,applied with round sable brushes. I was primarily interested in drawing the shapes in Hillary face and hair and the  shapes of Mount everest. This illustration was more about shapes and color than Edmund Hillary and the mountain. I used this sample to promote My work when I began John Dyess illustrtion. This sample helped me get an assignment illustrating about 30 Americans for a text book.

  1. Glenn Myers says:

    Your drawings are always so complete no matter what style is employed.

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