Creating a visual image – step by step process

Posted: June 20, 2011 in illustrations by John Dyess, montage illustrations, step by step illustration process, thumbnail sketch
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Thumbnail sketch

This thumbnail sketch is step one in the process of creating a visual image. I will be creating an image based on this thumbnail sketch during the next few weeks, to maybe a month,  sharing the step by step process on my blog. This will be a an experiment in creating a new technique, so the final destination is unknown to me. Below are two images I have been recently viewing and storing in my brain.

Maya Ceramic plaque

This image is from a magazine  advertisement promoting a show at The St. Louis Art Museum titled, Fiery Pool: The Maya and The Mythic Sea that was exhibited from February 13-May 8,2011. I’m sorry to say I missed this show,but I was inspired by this image,especially the shapes and textures.

Communication Arts Cover,Typography issue.

This image by Christian Northeast was on the cover of Communication Arts Typography Annual 1,which I have also stored in my brain. I like the mirror image design which inspired my thumbnail sketch. Time brewing in my brain is several months and the time to draw the thumbnail was about a minute. I have been using this process for many years. I usually see something, digest the image and at some point create a thumbnail sketch on a post-it note. I store the thumbnail in a binder to use at a future time.

Barnum and Bailey art created by John Dyess

This is an illustration I created in the 1970’s while Working at Maritz Motivation where I used a mirror image technique.

I have stored images in my brain from a movie I enjoyed viewing, called MirrorMask.

I haven’t decided what the subject  for this image, based on my thumbnail, will be,maybe war. I welcome  suggestions for a theme or subject of  the art I will be creating from my thumbnail sketch. Share with me what you see in my thumbnail.



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